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A humanitarian crisis is underway in a war torn country in the AP. Please pray that those in charge of the blockades around it, will allow food and medicines to enter.


God uses His people greatly in times of suffering. Pray that Believers will remain strong in a land where they are facing hardship. Pray that they will witness the power of God in their lives and that it will be a tremendous testimony to their family and friends.


Pray that people will be shaken because of the attacks that are taking place in name of religion in many places, that it will push people to seek the Truth.


In the seasons of life, mothers and fathers should see their children grow up and eventually care for them. They should not have to bury their sons and daughters. Pray for the parents in harm's way whose children have died because of the conflict there. Pray that these men and women will have visions and dreams of Jesus coming to them and giving them comfort. Pray that they will accept the One who gave His Son to forgive their sins.


Pray for the children who have trouble sleeping at night, for the sound of bombs shaking their homes woke them up. Pray that God will speak to them and their parents in visions and dreams, telling them of His love for them through Christ. Pray that God will be merciful to those who suffer.

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