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Pray for the locals who have heard something of the Easter message.  Pray they will be reminded of the words and stories shared by workers with them, and that will stir a hunger in their souls to know the Savior for themselves.


A young women is questioning her religious beliefs and having conversations with a fellow student.  Pray for the Lord to reveal Himself to her and that she and her family will be saved.


Pray for a young believer whose close friend is moving away, a person with whom she has had fellowship. Pray that someone in her family will believe and that God will be with them as they worship together.


The believers from a Muslim background are scattered from one another.  Much of that is because of offenses and unwillingness to forgive each other.  We wish to turn them to prayer to get God's perspective on their believing relationships.  Pray that God's convicting Spirit will guide them to humility, mutual acceptance, and unity.





As people become believers, it takes time for them to leave some of the unhealthy practices of their lives as unbelievers. “Rashad” still struggles with beating his wife. Please pray that he will listen to the convictions of the Holy Spirit and stop this practise. Do praise the Lord that “Rashad” is speaking about his Faith with a friend who has a conservative family. Ask for salvation in that household.


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