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    Hajj Prayer
    Muslims are seeking forgiveness of sins
    Jesus’ blood was poured out for the forgiveness of sins.
    Matthew 26:28
    Main Days of the Hajj in 2024
    June 14th to 16th, the Hajj starts on sundown on the 14th
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    Partnering with all who are interested in
    moving forward Christ's Kingdom
    in the Arabian Peninsula

Isaiah 60 Prayer Initiative

Isaiah 60 Prayer Initiative
Join in praying for the fulfillment of Scripture. Five prayer events from 2023-2024. Isaiah 60 talks about 5 nations from the Arabian Peninsula that will be bringing praise and gifts and worship to the Lord in the end times. Let us pray towards the fulfillment of that today. That peoples from these nations will come to know Him today and worship Him today, so that, in the end times they are ready to be generous worshippers the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sheba • Nebaioth • Midian • Ephah • Kedar

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