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    Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula
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    Hajj Prayer
    Muslims are seeking forgiveness of sins
    Jesus’ blood was poured out for the forgiveness of sins.
    Matthew 26:28
    Main Days of the Hajj in 2022
    July 8th to 10th
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    Partnering with all who are interested in
    moving forward Christ's Kingdom
    in the Arabian Peninsula

The Mahra people [also know as Mehri] are an unreached people group in the Arabian Peninsula that has not had the Good News of the Lord Jesus shared with them. They are located in Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Find prayer information here.

The information has been translated into a number of languages, and additional translations are planned. Feel free to translate this information or use it in any way you would like. There are no copyright restrictions for the use of this material. All information is on the website.

PTAP will do a focused 5-days of prayer for the Mahra from September 1 – 5, 2022, but this prayer information could be used at any time you would like. Please join us in lifting this unreached people group up to the Lord God Almighty.

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