Wednesday, 30 July 2014 08:00


Praise the Lord that a young woman has heard the Truth many times, from friends, from trips to Europe and from the Scriptures. She still does not believe. Ask that she will open her heart to the Holy Spirit’s leading and will accept Christ as Savior. Ask that members of  her family will also believe and that they will worship together.
Pray for a man, his wife and his adult children who have heard the Good News many times, but continue to reject it. They are going through much family strife. Pray that they will remember the words that they heard from their former neighbors who loved Jesus. Pray that they will read the Word, which they have in their home. Pray for salvation in this household.
Two young women have had multiple opportunities to meet believers and read the Scriptures. Recently they renewed a friendship with a believer who they had met years ago. Pray that now, these two young ladies will finally make the decision to follow Christ. Pray that they will study the Word and grow.
Please lift up a family of believers who are new in the Faith. Ask that they will grasp Truth quickly, reading  as well as memorizing the Word and meeting with those who will help them grow. Ask that they will not face persecution until they are prepared for it.



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