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Qallaf, a young believer, was entangled in a relationship with the prospect of marriage.  However, he has found the girl to not be as committed as himself to the Lord, and he has ceased to see her as a marriage partner.  Qallaf, on the other hand, has renewed his involvement in a church body, and with a tentmaking friend.
Abdu comes from a large family in a village. He has finished high school and now wants to learn English and get a job. He is seeking truth and has had many questions answered by friends who love the Savior. He has read parts of the Book and it conflicts with what he learned in the past. He struggles, “Which is right?”. Pray that Abdu will embrace what he is reading and believe. Pray that he will discuss his thoughts with his friends and that they too, will believe.
Pray for the families who lost loved ones in a suicide bomb attack in a capital city. Pray for those who were injured that they will heal. Pray for mercy on a country in the AP where the people are suffering. Pray that they will hear about the Savior who desires to heal their land and give peace to their hearts.
Pray for new believers who are meeting together; the enemy has already made attempts to cause division among them.  May they follow the Lord's leading with wisdom and with love for one another. Ask for rapid maturity, unity, courage and boldness as His church is established for His glory.
"Sara", a muslim work colleague of "Mike's", asked him, "When I met your wife, she was wearing a hijab.  Is she a Muslim?"
"Actually, she wears it just out of respect for our neighbors.  We are committed believers in Jesus."  Mike continued, sharing the gospel of how Jesus paid for our salvation.  He said that, although God wants good works in our lives, he saves us by faith apart from works.   "Oh," Sara replied happily, "we also believe that Allah accepts us by both our faith and our works."  It seemed that Mike's efforts to explain did not sink in.  Pray that God will prepare hearts to understand the gospel in its purity, and give grace and boldness to workers to make it clear.



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