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Pray for a man who is leading his family in the Faith. He has been bold in his witness, suffering threats and difficulties. Pray that he will remain strong and that many around him will believe. Pray that when strong persecution comes, they will be ready for it, growing in the midst of it.
Pray for local believers who are pressured into marrying a non-believer. That God would either intervene in the arrangements or that He would draw the spouse to Him.
Pray for a young mother who has agreed to read the Bible. Ask that she will read with hunger and understanding, that her husband will join her, and that her entire family will continue on a spiritual journey that will bring them to trust in J as Lord and Savior.
Something stirred the thoughts of Abu Yahya so that he wanted to continue talking to Fred about his Christian faith.  The other men finally left the diwaniya, but Abu Yahya stayed with Fred outside.  He just couldn't see how Jesus could be God, and also die for us.  Pray that God will make Abu Yahya vulnerable to embrace and believe these mysteries.



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