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Pray for a family who lives in a mountainous village. In the past, they guided many tourists through the mountain paths, even meeting some who believe in Christ. They heard stories about the Lord. Ask that they will remember the words that they heard and believe. Pray that they will download the Scriptures from the internet and read them. Pray that they will believe.


Imagine looking at the pages of a book or a bill board on the street and have no idea what is being said. This is the plight of the illiterate. Pray for those who cannot read, that they will hear Bible stories on the radio or through a TV program or movie. Pray that they will meet someone who will tell them the Good News.


Serious and personal threats have been made to a local, newly believing couple. They are, understandably, very concerned. Please pray for His Spirit to grant them sustained peace, unity with each other, and the wisdom to make wise decisions about how to respond and what precautions to take on behalf of their family. May He be glorified in their lives, and may the enemy's plans serve only to increase their faith.


“I had a dream about a man in white.” 
“Jesus came to me in a vision and told me to follow him”.
God has used dreams and visions to call many Muslims to follow him. These events have begun their journey to Christ. Pray that many in the AP will have dreams and visions. Pray that they will meet believers in Christ  who can explain who Jesus is, to them.



“Nour” became a believer in Christ through Christian media about a year ago.  When her tentmaking friend, “Renee”, visited recently, it was learned that “Sara”, “Nour's” grown daughter also had believed.  The father, “Adnan”, on the other hand, has been resistant to the gospel, countering his family's faith with Islamic defenses.  Pray that all will be united in Christ.

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