for the
Arabian Peninsula

Jesus, may You be worshipped

for the
Arabian Penisula


Champions and Translators

Most of the Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula materials (video, prayer guide, bookmark) we are looking to translate into different languages across the world. If you are interested in helping with this that would be great.

For each language we need:

  1. Translators
  2. Funds to see the translation happen
  3. Someone that will champion the project in that country/language. This is probably the biggest role we need. We need people that are committed to seeing the information distributed in different countries.

Be Involved with People of the Arabian Peninsula

Here are some easy ways you can become involved with people from the Arabian Peninsula

  1. Be good neighbors to your Arab neighbors. They are probably lonely and may feel that people don’t like them. Take an interest in their history and their country.
  2. Introduce yourself (for the men only) to the local Muslim leader in your community. IN a kind manner, dialog with him about Christianity and Islam. There are many issues we can agree on. Talk about the items that are different, once you have developed respect for one another.
  3. Become educated about Islam. It is not a religion we should fear. Our knowledge about it can also help us search for the answers in Christianity, which we need to be effective in our witness to Muslim.
  4. Ask an Arab woman (for women only)to teach you how to cook foods common in her culture and to teach you about her culture. As you become friends, pray for an opening for the good news of Jesus to be shared.

Prayer: The most essential element


  1. Sign up for the weekly email prayer updates on this web site, green botton below.
  2. Use the PTAP bookmark or write a reminder to pray on your fridge or mirror.
  3. Enlist 10 friends to pray with the prayer guide material and commit to be accountable to one another.
  4. Search your newspapers for information on countries in the AP. Pray for the people in these articles.